About Us Trusted Pittsburgh Safety Experts

Greater Pittsburgh safety experts with a century of safety sales experience in house. When you work with Pro-Am Safety, you can expect a professional experience.

Meet Your Local Safety Experts

If you need a little extra guidance on how to use your safety products effectively, our safety specialists will make sure your employees are confident in the use of the equipment we provide. Our sales team will be there when you need us.

Products & Services

We can provide virtually any safety product. More importantly, we have the expertise to help you select the right products for your application. What we do best is provide safety solutions! We have extensive experience in all market sectors and industries.

Pittsburgh, PA Safety Experts

Pro-Am Safety has a fleet of trucks that deliver products the same day to our top customers or for customers that have emergencies. We also use UPS to deliver our packages within one business day. We ship all orders out of our warehouse the same day they are received.

We are not satisfied to just sell you safety product, we feel it is critical that your employees are trained on how to correctly use them. Do you know the correct way to fit a hard hat or that respirators do not work effectively with a beard? Many of the product we sell are highly technical, like SCBA or Instrumentation, not only will our sales force train you but we will also bring out experts from our manufacturers. We take training very seriously because injuries can easily be prevented with the proper training.

Proud Partner to our first responders

Pro-Am Safety is proud to serve the first responder marketplace. For over 40 years, we’ve supported municipal and volunteer fire departments by providing and servicing the highest quality fire fighting equipment. Pro-Am Safety also offers select PPE to law enforcement and EMS markets. We have a complete range of products for the emergency services market.